Thank you

for an amazing 2023 season!

Our farmstand is currently CLOSED for winter break.


About US

We are focused on regenerative agriculture practices and sustainable permaculture design in order to provide wholesome, nutritious and pesticide-free foods to our community.

Our foremost responsibility is regenerating the landscape, ecosystem and soils of the land we steward through resilient, holistic farm enterprises.

We look forward to bringing pasture-based meat and egg production, no-till / no-spray market gardening and nutrient-packed microgreens to your table.

We also offer organically-grown native perennials seedlings and incorporate native plantings as an integral part of the design and function of a productive agricultural ecosystem.

Let’s talk

Restaurants. Farmer’s markets. Hungry people of the neighborhood!

Tell us what YOU want to see in your local food market. What are you craving? What’s missing?

What can we do for YOU?