Curly Endive (Frisée)


Fall heading frisée type endive with densely packed frilly green leaves and blanched hearts.

The outer, darker leaves have a distinctive, slightly bitter flavor. The inner, lighter colored leaves are milder in flavor and have a subtle sweetness to them with a more delicate texture.

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We love it for its playful texture and lightly bitter, lightly sweet crunch. When you hear the term “loft” in reference to salad, the sought after textural quality of airiness and spring, this is exactly what they are talking about. Lots of curves and crevices to catch dressing and keep your salad light. Curly endive contains significant amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin K as well as Vitamin C.

Curly endive is a bitter green that can add texture and flavor to a number of dishes. Most commonly it is used raw in salad preparations though it can be utilized cooked as well. It can be sautéed, braised, steamed or chopped and added to vegetable or bean soups. Chopped it can be combined with other greens and used in various salad preparations. Its leaves are heartier than some salad greens and can stand up to heavier or warmed dressings or used as a bed of greens when plating proteins.