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Goose Egg


One large goose egg (approx. 6-8 oz., equivalent to 3-4 large chicken eggs)


One large goose egg from our American Buff goose. Our geese are fed with 100% organic grains.

Our geese and ducks are raised on pasture and moved every seven to ten days in order to provide continual access to fresh grass and bugs, which keeps the flock happy and healthy.

The eggs of geese contain much larger yolks than chicken eggs, and the yolk itself is thicker and a deeper orange color. This is partially because our geese free range and enjoy a rich diet of fresh greens. The deep orange yolks are thick and packed with vitamins and beneficial nutrients.

Because of the vibrant color of their yolks, goose eggs are perfect for making pasta. They are extremely desirable in Italy for pasta recipes. They’re also sought after for baking, because their consistency makes a thick, moist batter that holds together well.