Free-range Chicken Eggs

Pasture Raised · Soy-Free / Corn-Free · Organic Fed · Hand-gathered

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Free-range chicken eggs from from heritage breed pasture-raised hens fed with 100% organic grain from Aroostook County.

Our chickens are raised on pasture and moved every seven to ten days in order to provide continual access to fresh grass and bugs, which keeps the flock happy and healthy. Eggs are laid in roll-away nesting boxes and hand-gathered daily, which allows us to collect extremely clean and high-quality eggs without washing. Unlike washed eggs, unwashed eggs will keep for extended periods of time because the bloom (natural protective coating) is left in tact. All eggs sold have been collected within the previous week, and will never be more than seven days old.

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JUMBO (6-pack), Large (Dozen), Medium (Dozen)