Pink-corydalis (Capnoides sempervirens)


Grown from seed using organic / sustainably sourced seed stock and organic soil.


A delicate biennial wildflower with a low rosette of pale greenish-blue foliage during the first summer. In late spring of the second year, delicate branching stems are abundant with tiny pink and yellow tubular flowers. It thrives in disturbed areas with exposed, gravelly soils. Will self-seed with these conditions.

Native to Maine: Yes

Growing conditions: Sun in dry soil

Grows up to: 2′

Blooms: In late spring of the second year

Pairs well with: Butterfly milkweed, flax-leaved stiff aster, and spotted crane’s-bill

Natural habitat: Rocky outcrops, quarries, and disturbed dry, gravelly areas

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Dimensions N/A

4" Square Pot, 6" Round Pot (2.5 quart)