Smooth Blue Aster (Symphyotrichum laeve)


Grown from seed using organic / sustainably sourced seed stock and organic soil.


Loose clumps of smooth, light green foliage is covered with blue-petaled daisy-like flowers with bright yellow centers. Blooms from late summer to fall. Flowers attract many pollinating insects, and birds relish the seeds.

Smooth Aster is a hardy plant that defies frost and keeps on blooming, often into November, with a profusion of lavender-blue, star-like flowers. The yellow flower-center turns reddish, later in the season. The leaves are smooth to the touch which makes this species different from most asters. Typically about three feet tall with arching branches, the tough stem allows it to say upright throughout summer and fall. This aster can have a long life if it’s not over-crowed by other more aggressive plants. Attractive to butterflies seeking nectar in the fall, it’s also a host for the Pearl Crescent butterfly.

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4" Square Pot, 6" Round Pot (2.5 quart)